Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort - Desaru Coast
04 January 2021


·         Must perform task like repairing of various equipment’s and materials, replacement of electronics, painting, cleaning or wiring work.

·         Also maintenance of electronics like refrigerators, television sets, air conditioners etc. must be done regularly.

·         Responding and solving guest complains or issues in timely manner and must also fulfill work orders when issues cannot be resolved.

·         To keep a check that safety equipment’s like fire alarm, fire extinguisher etc. are in place and are in working condition.

·         Refurbishing of chairs, tables, doors, windows and counters in order to keep it maintained for a long time.

·         Ground maintenance like cleaning and maintenance of parking lot, garden or landscaping, swimming pool etc.

·         Must be on call 24/7 for emergency to know if guest have any grievances.

·         Assist HR personnel to inspect staff Hostel when needed.

·         Common tasks include painting, electrical accessory replacements and repair, and some wiring. Air conditioners must also be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Workers also are required to complete daily rounds, checking on basic hotel accommodations and identifying and reporting any problems.

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